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I'm an SoC design engineer and want to provide my customers with Mali-G51's ML nominal performance in terms of GFLOPS or GOPS or GMACS. My GPU is Mali-G51MP4 at 800MHz and followings are information I get from articles. - G51MP4 = 6 execution engines. - Each execution engine = 4 SIMD Lanes. iGPU - FP32 Rechenleistung (Einfache Genauigkeit GFLOPS) - Die theoretische Rechenleistung der internen Grafikeinheit des Prozessors bei einfacher Genauigkeit (32 bit) in GFLOPS. GFLOPS gibt an, wie viele Milliarden Gleitkommaoperationen die iGPU pro Sekunde durchführen kann. But when I run it on Mali G72 mp3, it should cost 60ms! When I check the gpu_utilization, it's almost 100 percent. Firstly, I couldn't find any specification about the flops performance with the Mali G72.(Adreno 512 GPU flops performance: 255 Gflops) Secondly, according to benchmarks, performance of G72 mp3 should close to the Adreno 512. I can Mali-T760. At the other end of the scale, ARM has released details of the Mali-T760 which now becomes its de-facto flagship GPU. The new device scales up to 16 shader cores (giving 326 GFLOPs For example, Mali-G76 MP10 has 10 cores while Mali-G72 MP18 has 18. Two GPUs with the same architecture but a different number of cores can have a significant impact on the performance. For example, Mali-T880 MP12 scores 81.8 in Centurion Mark but its variants with 4 and 2 cores score 64.9 and 60.6 respectively. In Mali and a smaller maximum performance Gflops, and adaptability to the worst games, able to efficiently parallelize the load on the GPU. Limited configuration. By themselves, Mali GPUs is not particularly inferior Adreno (which proves that Samsung Galaxy S7 with Mali T880 MP12). However, in practice manufacturers use ready-made solutions are simpler, with a small number of computer clusters Wie die Tabelle zeigt, liefert der Cinebench-Benchmark auf verschiedenen Prozessoren mit identischer GFlops-Leistung höchst unterschiedliche Ergebnisse (Core i5-2300/Core i5-760, Core i3-2100 ARM Mali-G72 MP3 技術データ . Generation: Bifrost 2 188 GFLOPS: 94 GFLOPS: 24 GFLOPS: 次のプロセッサで使用 . Prozessor: グラフィック クロック周波数: GPU (ターボ) FP32 (Single Precision) Samsung Exynos 9609 8x 1.60 GHz (2.20 GHz) 0.85 GHz--94 GFLOPS: Samsung Exynos 9610 8x 1.70 GHz (2.30 GHz) 0.85 GHz--94 GFLOPS: Samsung Exynos 9611 8x 1.70 GHz (2.30 GHz) 0.85 Mali-400 MP4 appears to be the slower GPU when it comes to GFLOPS, most probably because both GC2000 and SGX544MP2 support OpenCL 1.1, but this is currently not that important since not that many applications can support GPGPU. Antutu results show Mali-400 has the best 2D performance, followed by SGX544MP2 and Vivante GC355/GC320 ( 2D is not handled by GC2000 in i.MX6), but for 3D the PowerVR Mali-T880 MP12 650MHz 와 Adreno 530 624MHz의 GFX 4.0 맨하탄 3.1.1 오프기준으로 T880 16.6fps, Adreno 530 16.6fps로 격차가 나지 않는다. Car Chase Offscreen으로는 T880 17.7fps, Adreno 530 19.0fps로 격차가 벌어진다. 문제는 스냅드래곤 820의 CPU 성능은 삼성 엑시노스 8890에 비해 밀리고, 그래픽 성능은 애플 A10과 모바일 끝판왕인

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